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Bingo Spex Stroller

Available for Hire

A Breakthrough in Rehabilitative Stroller Seating
Introducing the latest innovation from the designers of the revolutionary SPEX® seating system – the Bingo SPEX. SPEX clinical seating technology as developed originally for wheelchairs is now available with one of the world’s leading rehabilitation strollers, the Bingo OT.

A special edition of SPEX seating has been carefully developed so therapists can now provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex seating needs with the freedom of a stroller rather than a wheelchair.
The Bingo SPEX provides a solution for paediatrics that’s never been seen before. For children with positioning needs where a stroller is the preferred option for the family, the Bingo SPEX provides an optimum seating support designed to accommodate even the most challenging requirements!

Adjustable Seating – Adjustable Stroller
Bingo SPEX combines perfectly with the innovative and modern rehab stroller – the Bingo OT. The adjustability of both the seating and stroller systems provides the maximum benefits for children with complex requirements.


Functional Benefits

Allowance for Hip/Thigh Flexion and Pre-Ischial Support

Spex Positioning Cushion Base

Pelvic Obliquity Build-Up

Create Instant Shape

Spex Contouring System

Asymmetrical Contouring

Easy Transfers

Axial Lateral Trunk Supports

Axial Pelvic Supports

Spex SuperHigh Contour Cushion

Foot Positioning

Comfi Head Support

70° of Back Support Recline

45° of Tilt-in-Space

Forward or Rear Facing

One Seat. Two Base Options

Removable Seat Unit

Compact Folded Size

Adjustable Suspension System


Spex for BINGO Cushion

Spex for BINGO Back Support

Spex for BINGO Head Support

Spex for BINGO Arm Supports

Spex for BINGO Pelvic Supports

Spex for BINGO Lateral Supports

Spex for BINGO Centrepoint Harness

Spex for BINGO Hip Belts

Spex for BINGO Footplate Spacer Block

Spex for BINGO Foot Positioning Sandals

Spex for BINGO Sandal Raiser Blocks

Spex for BINGO Padded Footplate Cover

BINGO Spex Chassis Mount Tray

Stroller Handle-Bar Accessory Bag

BINGO Spex Swivel Locks

BINGO Spex IV Pole

BINGO Spex Oxygen Bottle Holder

BINGO Spex Cobra Hi-Low Base


Mango Orange

Royal Purple

Chilli Red

Bumblebee Yellow

Granite Grey

Leaf Green

Ocean Blue

Calypso Pink


Mango Orange, Royal Purple, Chilli Red, Bumblebee Yellow, Graphite Grey, Leaf Green, Ocean Blue, Calypso Pink


0-5, 5-12

Seating Specifications

Bingo Stroller Size Size 1 Size 2
Choice of cushion width 28 cm / 11″ 33 cm / 13″ 33 cm / 13″ 38 cm / 15″
Seat depth 18-28 cm / 7-11″ 23-33 cm / 9-13″ 23-33 cm / 9-13″ 28-38 cm / 9-15″
Back height 36-44 cm / 14-17″ 40-48 cm / 16-19″
Lower leg* 23-38 cm / 9-15″ 23-44 cm   / 9-17″
Size 1 Size 2
Seat Frame Seat Depth capacity 18-30 cm 20-38 cm
Seat Frame Back Height capacity 36-46 cm 41-55 cm
Tilt-in-Space 45º
Backrest recline angle 90-160º
Push bar height 75-110 cm
Overall frame width 63 cm 68 cm
User weight limit 50 kg
Base frame weight capacity 60 kg

Additional information

Age Group

0-5, 5-12

Client Group

Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Disorder, Tetraplegia/Quadriplegia

Postural Support Level

Enhanced, Mild, Moderate


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