Commercial Grade Birds Nest Swing Frame. Galvanized Steel Top Bar with Timber legs


Commercial Grade Birds Nest Swing Frame. Galvanised steel Top Beam and 90 x 90 Cypress timber legs at 2.6m long.
In-ground Application. (Swing Not Included).

Included are commercial grade swing hooks specially designed to attach the birds nest swing.
This swing frame is an in-ground application so you will need to cement the ground anchors that are fixed to the cypress timber legs.
300 mm soft-fall recommended under and around the swing frame or place safety rubber soft-fall mats that meet Australian standards around and under the swing frame.
If you are looking to bring the park swing home – this is your swing set! This heaving duty swing set is great for adult use or larger children wanting to swing high!
With a galvanised steel top beam and cypress timber legs, this swing frame is heavy duty and built strong and sturdy.
Our Swing sets require 1.9 m clearance on the side of the swing set, 3 m clearance in front of the swing frame and 3 m behind is recommended.

This KBT designed Birds Nest Swing Frame In-ground Application Swing Set contains the following:

1 x Commercial Steel top beam with commercial grade swing hangers for the birds nest swing.

Steel Top Beam Dimensions: Length: 2.95 m x Height: 0.361 m x Depth: 0.431 m

4 x Cypress pine 90 x 90 timber legs that are 2.6 m in length.

4 x Heavy Duty Ground Anchors to be cemented into the ground for extra stability

This is a great steel and timber swing set for your backyard. With a commercial grade steel top beam and commercial grade swing hooks this is the best backyard swing set in Oz!
The great thing about this swing set is that our hooks allow you to swap over your swing attachments, so you can have a nest swing one day and then a rope ladder to climb on the next or whichever combination you choose. The timber legs sit above ground and we include 4 heavy duty ground anchor’s to be cemented into the ground for extra stability.


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