Flux Walker Size 3 1 - Gentian Blue_0Flux Walker Size 3 1 - Gentian Blue_0

Flux (Elite) Walker System

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Lightweight posterior walker: Dependable support for children & adults
The Flux (Elite) walker is a walking aid that promotes natural walking. Opening out in walking direction and optically and physically free from interfering structural parts Flux (Elite) encourages upright posture and natural walking mo­vements.

The child‘s residual functions are efficiently utilised and promoted. The most sturdy (but still very light) frame construction with a cross member in the rear frame conveys immediate safety and promotes a safe walking movement.



Functional Benefits

Direction wheel locks
Spring loaded friction brakes
Grip Width Adjustment
Grows with the child


Arm Retainer Strapping


0-5, 5-12, 12-17, Adult, Geriatrics
Range Frame Colour Grip Height Frame Width Frame Length Product Weight Max. Weight Capacity
Size 1 #5641 Red 43-68cm 64cm 65cm 6.5kg 60kg
Size 2 #5642 Dark Blue 51-88cm 69cm 81cm 6.8kg 75kg
Size 3 #5643 Light Blue 62-94cm 74cm 88cm 7.1kg 75kg
Size 4 #5644 Silver 75-102cm 78cm 91cm 9.1kg 100kg


Standards Compliance

The Flux (Elite) Walker System complies with the relevant requirements of the ISO Standard 11199-2:2005, and has been evaluated as meeting the appropriate Australian Standards, by NovitaTech Regency Park in March 2012.

Additional information

Age Group

0-5, 12-17, 5-12, Adult, Geriatrics


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