Zephair ZA1000 completeZephair ZA1000 complete

Forté Zephair ZA1000 Mattress

High Risk Acute Pressure Care and Comfort Mattress System. The ZEPHAIR Mattress range provides true leadership in powered patient pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities from Spinal Wards to Palliative Hospice use, this pressure care system will provide the answer to all acute care needs, whilst providing unparalleled comfort, supporting Primary Care routines and increasing patient compliance. Key clinical attributes include ventilated immersion upper layers, deep 22 cell alternating integrated inner mattress core, firm base foam layer, quiet efficient air flow generator with easy set weight calibration and dual stretch waterproof breathable cover.

The ZEPHAIR Pressure Care Mattress range is custom made by Forte Healthcare and is made to suit all standard hospital, aged care and medical bed requirements. The quality, features and simplicity of the Zephair range allow confident usage in the palliative, hospice, rehabilitation and homecare environments. Select the Zephair Pressure Care System and achieve unsurpassed reliability and consistency of care. The Zephair Pressure Care Mattress; ultimate comfort, superior care.


• Ultra-High Performance, open cell foam
• High cell elasticity for patient immersion
• Anti-microbial treatment applied to foam maximises longevity and core micro-climate
• Conforms to EPUAP, NPUAP & PPPIA Guidelines for quality and comfort


• High-Performance, memory immersion foam
• Alleviates localised pressure points
• Provides maximum contact with patient for distribution of interface pressure
• High temperature stability to deliver consistent immersion, performance and comfort
• Unique airo-form ventilation system minimises heat entrapment and enhances core circulation providing a cooler sleep surface
• Visco-elastic cell structure provides low-shear surface



  1. Tom Brown

    Fantastic mattress , so comfortable as I have a shoulder problem, and I experienced no pain sleeping on it , as I felt no pressure at all. Im only sorry I didn’t know about it years ago.

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