Indoor Home Therapy Gym (3m)


Indoor Home Therapy Gym 3m – Australian Made – Timber free standing kit included.

Swinging, climbing, and Spinning – The all in one Sensory therapy Gym, designed to assist with the sensory motor development of children and providing play.

With our Indoor Home Therapy Gym you can create a sensory room in your garage or spare room and bring the therapy home with the Sensory therapy Gym. Australian made.

Adults should supervise children at all times while child is using the sensory therapy Gym

Swinging, climbing and sliding down a slide is more than just play for children living with sensory processing issues and special needs. The Sensory therapy Gym has been designed to bring the therapy home so you can continue vestibular activities under your own roof and available to use 24/7. The Sensory therapy Gym is a free-standing, multi-purpose play unit that includes monkey bars and wood beams with swing hooks above the monkey bar to allow different swings and attachments, like therapy swings to be easily attached on or off the unit.

Picture shown includes optional Caladin Swing and 1 x Top Beam.

Standard Indoor therapy gym includes Timber Frame, Monkey Style Bar, 2 top beams.

Supplied in kit form.

Weight limit 150kg

Adults should supervise children at all times while the child is using the sensory therapy Gym.


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