Jenx Multiseat

Practical, comfortable, contoured and flexible modular seating system

Offering highly flexible supported seating to children from around 8 years right through to adults and upto 100kg, this is just the start of the fantastic amount of versatility provided by the Multiseat.

Contoured seat unit with memory foam insert provides unparalleled comfort and the perfect base for true pelvic stability. The two piece back with independent lumbar support gives support exactly where it’s needed and with both the back and seat units available in two sizes to mix and match as you need, each Multiseat system can be specified to meet the proportions of the child or adult using it.

Wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options allow you to customise every Multiseat to any individual user, with the deliberate open design ensuring you can easily see just how they are positioned each and every time.


Functional Benefits

Ease of Transfer
Optimal Pelvic Control
Feet & Leg Positioning
Trunk Positioning



Jenx Sandals

Sandal Raising Blocks

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Multigrip Headrest

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Multigrip Headrest

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Oval Headrest

Sandal Raising Blocks

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Shoulder Protractors

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Slim Thoracic Support Pads

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Tray Infill

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Tray Elbow Blocks

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Shoulder Protractors

Jenx Junior/Multiseat Armrests


Size 4Size 5
Age Range8-14 years10- 18+ years
Max User Weight100 kg100 kg
Backrest Height465-590 mm525-660 mm
Base Footprint630 x 830 mm630 x 830 mm
Hip Width200-440 mm200-440 mm
Seat-to-Floor Height335-570 mm335-570 mm
Seat Depth285-450 mm355-520 mm
Lower Leg Length250-470 mm250-470 mm

For smaller sizes of the Multiseat, visit the Junior Seat page.

Warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.

Additional information

Age Group

12-17, 5-12, Adult


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