Jenx Prone Stander

Upright/Prone Standing System

Dedicated to assisted prone standing with the child supported at the front, the Jenx Prone Stander offers a continuous range of angles so the optimum position for each child can be achieved.

The standard package includes:

  • Hip and chest pads
  • Knee blocks
  • Sandals
  • Tray with bowl

Prone Stander aims to make standing enjoyable and practical for your child, and simple for you to achieve. Individual support pads can be adjusted in relation to each other to ensure every child can be properly supported. Children with longer bodies and shorter legs can be just as comfortable as those with shorter bodies and longer legs, because the Prone Stander is adjustable to create the correct posture for every child.

Sturdy hip and chest straps are closed in the centre and then adjusted by pulling from either side to encourage symmetry. Once the straps are secured, the integral safety strap is fastened to further ensure the correct postural support.  It is important always to use the safety strap and to fasten it as far as possible to maximise its usefulness.


Jenx Prone Stander Script Form
Jenx Prone Stander Flyer
Standing Aids Comparison Chart (AU)




Age Range3-7 years6-14 years
Max User Weight55 kg70 kg
Base Size90 x 65 cm65 x 99.5 cm
Chest Width19-29 cm23-35 cm
Hip Width19-29 cm23-35 cm
Hip Pad Height41-75 cm48-96 cm
Chest Height from Footplate66-100 cm82-127 cm


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