Jenx Therapy Bench

Ideal platform for a variety of different activities such as sitting and balance therapy, dynamic sitting balance and sitting posture improvement

  • Possibility for therapists to sit with a child on the bench to offer extra support if required
  • Offers balance and stretching when using the flat top cushion
  • Core strengthening and stretches when using half round cushion on or off the bench


Jenx Therapy Bench Script Form
Jenx Therapy Bench Flyer
Jenx Therapy Bench User Manual


Functional Benefits

Simple Height Adjustment

Interchangeable Cushions

Easy Care

Easy to Move


Jenx Therapy Bench Knee Blocks

Jenx Therapy Bench Abduction Block

Jenx Therapy Bench Pelvic Support


Size 1 FullSize 1 HalfSize 2 FullSize 2 Half
Max Weight85 kg85 kg85 kg85 kg
Bench Height from floor16.5-25 cm16.5-25 cm23.5-39.5 cm23.5-39.5 cm
Bench Top Length98 cm48 cm98 cm48 cm
Bench Top Width20 cm20 cm25 cm25 cm
Flat Cushion Length100 cm50 cm100 cm50 cm
Flat Cushion Width25 cm25 cm30 cm30 cm
Flat Cushion Depth2.5 cm
Half Round Cushion50 x 25 x 12.5 cm50 x 25 x 12.5 cm50 x 30 x 15 cm50 x 30 x 15 cm

The standard package includes the bench frame, and 2.5 cm flat cushion.

Additional information

Age Group

12-17, 5-12, Adult


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