Lotte Bed

Child’s care bed with clearance up to 75 cm for parents with physical disabilities who need to mostly take care of their child themselves, from a wheelchair
Note, Lotte is available for indent order, purchase in only.

Why choose the Lotte Bed?

  • Easily accessible with the wheelchair
  • Doors can easily opened with one hand
  • Gentle on the back if providing care while standing
  • Low sleeping platform height for independently getting in and out
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to DIN 71-3 (Safety of toys)
  • Made of solid beech wood
  • Solidly crafted design
  • Patient specific bespoke/custom models can be made


Functional Benefits

Height Adjustment to desired nursing height
Independent Transfers into the Lotte
65 cm Door Height for Protection
Transforms into a Playpen!



Lotte Bed 2016


Bed Conversion Kit

Bed Canopy

Bed Toy Rod

Incontinence Cover


Internal DimensionsRoomy 140 x 70 cm
Outer Dimensions (with 10 cm castors)163 x 78 cm
Outer Dimension (without castors)147 x 78 cm
Clearance Height (for wheelchair)75 cm
Overall HeightMinimum: 104 cm
With Height Adjust & Castors: Maximum 164 cm
Without Height Adjust or Castors: 90 cm
Platform/Lying HeightAt Mattress upper edge: Minimum 41 cm
Maximum with Height Adjust & Castors: 101 cm
Without Height Adjust or Castors: 26 cm
Door Height65 cm
Max. User Weight75 kg
Safe Working Load100 kg
Unladen Weight105 kg


Warranty:2 years


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