MultiLink Dynamic Arm Support

Get your arms moving again! Dynamic Arm Support system with elevation-assist function to allow greater range of arm movement.
Keep your arms moving with the MultiLink! This unique mobile arm support system has an elevation-assist function to allow significantly greater range of arm motion for feeding and facial hygiene. (Poor grade deltoid muscle required) Open up people’s lives to higher achievement and increased functionality and independence! Fits children through to large adults, and is universal for left or right arms.




5-12, 12-17, Adult, Geriatrics


Q. Can the MultiLink be used for both right and left arms?

A. Yes, the Multilink is designed for either right or left arms and can be changed over at any time very easily.


Q. How is the MultiLink attached to a wheelchair?

A. The MultiLink attaches by a variety of brackets depending on the type of chair and backrest set up. Most MultiLink Arm Supports have been attached directly to the client’s wheelchair backrest canes. If you need to remove the MultiLink when not in use, this simply slides off and on; and only the mounting bracket is left attached to the chair. If you are using a table mount in conjunction with the wheelchair mount, you can change between the mounts in a couple of seconds.


Amy’s MultiLink Story:
How the MultiLink has changed my life!
Before I received the Multilink Dynamic Arm, I had difficulty lifting my left arm to my face; and the movement wasn’t fluid. Half the time I was lucky not to knock myself out from lack of control and in turn it would make me so frustrated. This is due to having an undiagnosed Neuromuscular Condition; I’m currently waiting for test results.

I found that I would often avoid certain activities because I knew that I would have problems taking part, even eating was an issue. Where before I would have to lean over the table to eat my meal, now I can sit upright comfortably and feed myself like everyone else. It has made a huge difference to my approach to joining in.

After having the device for a few days, I found I had pain in my shoulder and arm, which I was warned about beforehand. This was due to the arm getting more movement than it was used to, but found that it receded soon after.

I feel that my left wrist is better positioned when in the device, and feels more comfortable. I think that this is down to both the settings on the gutter and wrist support, and the lessened strain on the wrist when performing each movement.

After having the Multilink Dynamic Arm for a week, movement of my arm is much less of a struggle, and actions have become more automatic. I have caught myself a few times doing movements that before would not have been possible.

Being shown how the bands and settings worked, it was great to be able to adjust and fine-tune the device over the following days to what I felt was the optimum settings for my personal needs. I put this down to Bruce from Medifab and his clear demonstration and advice.

I personally believe that the Multilink arm device will assist me to remain in my home and keep what independence I have. This is of paramount importance to me.

Medifab and Step Ahead Paediatrics thank Amy for her testimonial and story.

Additional information

Age Group

0-5, 12-17, 5-12, Adult, Geriatrics

Client Group

Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Disorder


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