Nest Swing ‘Caladin’ Platform Swing


Outdoor Platform Swing Cleanable Fabric – also known as the nest swing – or web swing seat – UV protected – 150kg weight limit

This residential outdoor nest swing is not only great for fun and play, but allows parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance and motor planning.

This nest swing also allows children to comfortable lay down while they enjoy the relaxing motion of swinging.

The caladin nest swing is more like a platform therapy swing rather than the traditional nest swing / web swing design – the Caladin does not have the traditional web swing design, instead it has a full fabric base great for laying comfortable on the swing.

This swing is intended to use in combination with the duo seat swing hook.

metal frame
water-repellent fabric
black PP welds on the ropes
rings and eights in galvanised steel
adjustable rope length
assembled at delivery
150kg weight limit


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