Nest Swing ‘Oval’ Green


Nest Swing Oval ‘Green’ – Children’s outdoor Nest swing – 150kg weight limit – adjustable ropes.

This is a great web swing because of its design (Oval in shape) allows children to lay down or sit while swinging on the web swing.

Perfect if you do not have a lot of space between hooks on your backyard swing set as it is not round in shape like all other nest swings on the market.

The web design of the nest swing allows children to grip onto the web nest design easily while they swing. This nest swing has adjustable ropes. Suites most backyard swing sets of a frame height of up to 2.4mts.

size : Ø 1080mm long x 835mm wide x 75mm thick.

Unique KBT design.
With soft impact zone.
Black Poly Prop welds on the ropes for maximum strength.
Rings and eights in galvanised steel for rope height adjustment.
100kg Weight Limit.
Size : Ø 1080mm long x 835mm wide x 75mm thick.


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