Rifton Activity Chair


The Rifton Activity Chair is considered by many to be the ultimate clinical positioning chair that has revolutionised active indoor seating. The Standard Activity Chair is the solution to many seating needs from simple to complex.

It is the most versatile, adaptable and dependable indoor seating system – perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning and for clients with sensory processing challenges. The Hi-Lo Base utilises the positioning and comfort benefits of a seating unit indoors, for maximum social inclusion and convenience.  The Rifton Activity chair features tool free adjustments and it is adjustable to suit most home/classroom activities at desk or table height.

The angles of the tilt in space and backrest incline can be measured to duplicate those recommended by your therapist and can be adjusted whilst the child is in the chair. The Rifton Activity Chair’s three sizes have so much growth potential that they will be suitable for years of use and are available for clients from 71cm in height, up to 34kg in weight, through to 188cm in height, 102kg in weight. With a choice of either a standard or Hi/Lo base and large range of accessories available, this exceptional product is sure to offer a solution for most of your seating needs.




Standard Base

  • Seat and back padding including adjustable back and seat belt
  • Base with tilt-in-space
  • Armrests and short adjustable legs
  • Caster swivel lock
  • Choice of 6 pad colors

Hi/Lo Base

  • Seat and back padding including adjustable back, seat belt and foot board
  • Wheeled base with tilt-in-space and height adjustable
  • Armrests
  • Push handles


Dimensions Measurement (R820 small Standard base)
Frame width short legs: 53
long legs: 58
short legs w/ casters: 57
long legs w/ casters: 60
Seat height above floor short legs: 24 – 32
long legs: 47 – 55
short legs w/ casters: 34 – 42
long legs w/ casters: 47 – 55
Seat angle (tilt-in-space) – degrees 15° forward, 15° back
Backrest angle – degrees 5° forward, 20° back
Footboard knee angle – degrees 45° – 110°
Seat height above footboard 18 – 30
Seat width with hip guides 18 – 23
without hip guides 30
Seat depth 20 – 30
with mini kit 18 – 28
Armrest height above seat 13 – 19
Trunk support width 14 – 29
Backrest height 32 – 39
Headrest height above seat 37 – 53
Max. working load (kg) 34




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