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Big, bigger or biggest. There is plenty of space with these big fun beds!
The Plus Surround Bed is built in an extremely stable manner, being specially designed to meet any child’s medical, physical or behavioural needs. This bed was designed for those children with restless motor functions or seriously disruptive behaviours and who are physically ambulatory and need a safe environment to both sleep and play. With the roomy internal measurement and door height options, this bed can protect almost any active child from harming themselves.

Keep your child safe with a secure bed

A child’s safety is the number one concern for parents/care-givers who have fear and anguish over the possibility of their children hurting themselves at night. Every parent, and household for that matter, needs the safety and peace-of-mind against misfortunes with the knowledge that their child is secure in their bed at night, and that what was once a fear of midnight harm is now a dream of safety that has come true.

Plus, these Safe Surround Beds also serves to encourage and facilitate proper motion. It is suitable for children who, in spite of illness and disability, possess sufficient motor competence to effect the transfer into and out of bed independently.

Not many children’s bed in Australia have as many safety features as a Safe Surround Plus bed. With a special locking system to prevent doors from opening from the inside, hinge systems that prevent entrapment of fingers, manual safety switch and power cut-off plug, you can relax at night knowing that your child is protected in a comfortable, safe space.    

Buy the Safe Surround Plus Bed in Australia today

Here at Step Ahead Paediatrics, we make it easy for you to purchase specialised equipment to improve the lives of special needs children. Besides the Safe Surround Plus Bed, we also carry standing aids and trikes for Australian customers. Contact us to enquire today or fill up our order form now.


Functional Benefits

Height-adjustable lying surface
Low entrance height for Self-Transfers
Unique Opening Door System
Contouring sleep platform



Incontinence Cover

Heavy-duty solid Slatted Base

Pressure-Relieving Mattress

Safe Surround Bed Internal Padding

Perspex Side Panels


Size (Door Height)Mattress Level to Top of DoorInternal DimensionsExternal DimensionsWeight LimitDistance between railingsPlatform Height (Top of Mattress)Overall Height
70cm (#7953 0002)64 cm200 x 100cm215 x 111cm150kg44 mmMin. 47cm

Max. 87 Cm

98cm (#7953 0005)92 cm139cm
135cm (#7953 0008)129 cm176cm
170cm (#7953 0011)164.5 cm211cm

Accidents with electrically adjustable carebeds are mainly due to electrical safety faults and failure to comply with safety-related dimensions of the side lattices. (Source: Federal Institute for Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices BfArM)

Kayserbetten, as manufacturers of medical devices, produce carebeds for children in accordance with the standards of the medical devices guidelines, which are regulated by the German Act on Medical Devices and in accordance with the guidelines for care aids that are specified by the Central Association of Health Insurance Companies.

Compliance with these regulations is tested and monitored by the accredited test laboratory for active and non-active medical devices of BerlinCert Prüf- und Zertifizierungsstelle für Medizinprodukte GmbH (BerlinCert Testing and Certifying Body for Medical Devices) at the Technical University in Berlin.

The following norms apply:

DIN EN 32623:2002
Children’s hospital beds made of metal and plastics

DIN EN 1970:2000
Adjustable beds for disabled persons

DIN EN 60601-2-38:2001
Medical electrical equipment, Section 2-38: specific safety
regulations for electrically operated hospital beds.

DIN EN 60601-1:1996
Medical electrical equipment, Section 1
General safety regulations

Side lattice dimensions

These norms regulate amongst others the adherence to the safety-related dimensions of the side lattices. Here, the limits are defined for all gap widths and spacing of a side lattice to minimise the danger of entrapment.

Another important requirement of this norm is that the locking devices have to be at least 850 mm apart. If this is not possible, e.g. at the head or foot of the bed, the system requires two consecutive actions, each operating on a different principle. The second action must be dependent on the first action.

1. Unlock the side lattice safeguard (red circle)
2. Pull the locking devices inwards simultaneously


Hinge System

Safety of the electrics and surfaces

The electrical safety of KayserBeds is guaranteed by the following features:

Moisture resistance category IPX4 and manufacture of all electrical components in accordance with the guidelines of the German Electrical Technicians Association (VDE)
Power cut-off plug. When the hand switch is not activated (power disconnected state) all electrical components of the bed are disconnected from the mains and therefore no electricity is used. Electric and magnetic fields in the bed are prevented.
Primary fuse on power plug
Maintenance-free DC motors and manual safety switch, low voltage
Emergency lowering in the case of power failure

As Kayserbetten are the only manufacturer of wooden carecots, they provide a coating that seals the surfaces for maximum hygiene. Unlike open surfaces (waxed or oiled), this coating protects against liquids and dirt. Conform to the requirements of the norm

DIN 68861, 1B
furniture surfaces, Section 1: Behavviour under chemical exposure.

The surface can be cleaned with common cleaning and disinfection products.
With this, KayserBeds are not only excellent for use at home – they can be used in the clinical field too.

The tests carried out on the paints used guarantees that there are no health risks in connection with sucking, licking and swallowing parts of the surface coating, based on the following norms:

DIN EN71 Section 3
Toy safety

EN ISO 10993-1:2003
Biological evaluation of medical products

Cytotoxic (“cell toxicity”: toxic effect on a cellular level) biocompatibility testing of the paint by the laboratory for biological safety tests ©CYTOX Erlangen.

The manufacturer guarantees that the product is free of manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee amounts to 24 months and starts with the delivery date. We will give guarantee for the delivered goods in that way that we will either repair or replace those parts free of charge, when it is proved that they are damaged or useless because of manufacturing and material defects within the guarantee time. The client has to return the delivery item at his expense. Costs for transport or assembly cannot be refunded.

Testimonial from Mother of child

The Safe surround bed has changed our lives totally. For the first time in 8 years we (parents) are able to go to bed and wake up in our own bed. Our son has Angelman Syndrome which is known to involve a sleeping disorder. He is also epileptic and intellectually impaired. Many Angelman children have died during the night due to unmonitored activity.

I used to stay in the room with my child from the age of 2 years, to help settl him, put him back to bed, and to prevent him from injuries he could sustain by opening windows/cupboard doors. He has recently turned 10, and we have just received a Safe Surround bed. He loves this huge cot. It has helped to settle him as he no longer has the option of crawling off his bed to play (sometimes he would go on until 2am/3am… other times wake at 4am and play…) Now he stays tucked up from 9:30pm and falls asleep easily.

He generally sleeps through the night (never did before) waking at 7am. At last I am able to sleep in my own bed with my husband, without either of us worrying about what our son might be getting up to in his room while awake. We are so grateful for this equipment as it has given us a new lease of life.

Sleep deprivation places great strain on a marriage and on family relationships. We have two other children who are also enjoying our new ‘relaxed’ family and the less stressful and noisy night-time routine. Most of all, our son is much happier, as he too is benefitting from a better night’s sleep.

Additional information

Age Group

0-5, 12-17, 5-12, Adult, Geriatrics

Client Group

Cerebral Palsy


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