Sharky Commode Client (14) - Shadows NEW-mediumSharky Commode Client (14) - Shadows NEW-medium

Sharky Bathroom Chair

Available for Hire

Multifunctional commode for bath and shower use

Versatile, practical, and functional! These aspects have been the primary focus throughout the development and engineering of the Sharky Commode system to make it easy and simple to use for parents and caregivers.

The Sharky features a 45° tilt-in-space mechanism with locking bolts, guaranteeing safe tilting of the user whilst showering.

Height adjustment is easy to operate and the Sharky’s two stainless steel gas pressure springs make it comfortable to control.


Functional Benefits


Size 1 2
Code 6081-0015-000 Launching Soon
Seat Width 24, 27, 30cm 29, 32, 35cm
Seat Depth 27-36cm 27-40cm
Backrest Height 42cm 42cm
Toilet Clearance 52cm 52cm
Seat Angle -10 to 45° -10 to 45°
Backrest Angle 72 – 120° 72 – 120°
Knee Angle 78-138° 78-138°
Footplate Angle 80-100° 80-100°
Armrest Height 14,5 – 20,5cm 14,5 – 20,5cm
Wheel Diameter 75, 100mm 75, 100mm
Weight Limit 60kg 60kg


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