Standz 2: Abduction stander

A versatile standing system offering Prone or Supine standing that accommodates abducted or neutral leg positioning for children between 5 – 14 years.

Inspired by the clinical benefits of abducted standing and created alongside therapists and carers all over the world ensures the perfect combination of clinical positioning with simplicity of use.

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Product Features & Benefits

More than just a scaled up version of the original Standz, size 2 offers function and accessories that are appropriate for an older, taller, heavier and stronger user whilst keeping the much loved simplicity of adjustment and use found on Standz.

Functional features and accessories recognise the needs of older users and also keep the product simple and safe for care providers to use. A number of accessories and features have been developed as a result of feedback from global clinicians and parents. Continuing with the core principals of clinically correct positioning, Standz 2 allows for clinicians to support older children and adolescents as they move from postural development through to postural maintenance.

Standz 2 keeps all the versatility of the original Standz and completes the family standing products offering upright, prone and supine standing in either a neutral or abducted leg position.


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