Wheelchair Cubby House Treated Pine


Wheelchair Cubby House Quality Built Cubby House Treated pine

All Wheel’s Cubby House

A cubby house for All Abilities.

Wheelchair Cubby House made with safe Treated pine . The Wheelchair Cubby House comes with a wider doorway, no hinged door and a deeper verandah which allows children in wheelchairs room to turn around. A ramp comes with the unit that can be fitted to the front or side of the verandah.

You can choose from a great range of options to enhance the experience including telescopes, periscopes and binoculars.

While our cubbies come as raw, quality treated pine, there is the option to stain the cubby to create a darker finish while at the same time providing added protection to the timber. Alternatively you can paint the wheelchair cubby house using your favorite colours to brighten up the backyard.

The larger style verandah and full ramp access at the front makes our “All wheels” cubby a very user friendly for All Wheels to enter. This is a great all abilities cubby house for children.

A cubby house for all children to enjoy!

Sizes include the front verandah.

Wall height is 1.5m.

Height to tip of gable is 2.11m.

Front has a 850mm wide door and window opening.

No door or Perspex fitted to these openings. Front

Verandah depth is 1.28m.

Ramp can be fitted to front, left or right of verandah.

One standard perspex window on the side.

All of our cubbies come in pre-made walls and roofs and you only need to screw together the separate panels using a cordless drill and your cubby house will be assembled in no time! Please ensure the ground is flat and level prior to erecting your cubby house.


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