Jenx Supine Stander

Robust standing support that offers comfort and safety whilst standing
Easy to use standing solution, offering unrivalled support and safety. Suitable for children standing in a supine position from around 9 months right through to adults of up to 100kg.

Standing is a dynamic process, requiring tiny movements of many joints alongside control of the limbs. Jenx Supine Standers support standing by allowing joints to be supported but mobile – training balance and encouraging development.

Smooth and easy angle adjustment take every Supine Stander from horizontal right through to upright facilitating quick and easy transfers, (you can even remove all supports for added ease when hoisting), and unlimited scope for setting the precise standing angle required for every child/user. The range provides durable quality, outstanding postural support and the exceptional pelvic stability that is essential for encouraging standing.

Every size of Supine Standing frame can be fully reclined to a horizontal position with all support removed, minimising transfer time and manual handling risks to the child and carer.

Created with significant input from parents, Jenx Supine Standers are carefully styled to draw attention to the child rather than the piece of equipment in use, making them the star of the show! Ease of use coupled with thoughtful styling and durability make Jenx Supine Standers the sensible choice for supine standing for children or adults of any age.



Functional Benefits

Stable pelvic position for symmetrical posture
Individually tailored knee position
Sturdy trunk support control pads
Adjustable Head Positioning


Jenx Sandals
Multigrip Headrest
Head Pad Cushion
Support Pads and Straps
Knee Blocks & Straps


0-5, 5-12, 12-17, Adult
Size 1Size 2Size 3
Approx Age Range9 mths – 4 yrs3-1110-18
Base Size575 x 660 mm650 x 995 mm650 x 995 mm
Max User Weight25 kg50 kg100 kg
Max User Height1055 mm1455 mm1900 mm
Chest Width130-310 mm130-310 mm220-440 mm
Hip Width130-310 mm130-310 mm220-440 mm
Knee Pad Width130-310 mm130-310 mm220-440 mm
Modular Board Height from Footplate500-1070 mm900-1470 mm1540-1640 mm
Floor to Top of Surface (when stander is laying almost flat)450mm (feet) – 535mm (head)740mm (feet) – 760mm (head)820mm (feet) – 840mm (head)
Tray Depth to Cut Out370 mm370 mm370 mm
Tray Width680 mm705 mm705 mm
Warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.


Why would I choose a Supine Stander instead of a Multistander?

If you know that the user’s needs aren’t going to change, and where a solid board of support is required, then a Supine Standing Frame provides the optimum level of postural support.

Additional information

Age Group

0-5, 12-17, 5-12, Geriatrics

Client Group

Spinal Disorder, Tetraplegia/Quadriplegia

Postural Support Level



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